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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I Scour the Internet: The Ho-Hum Edition 4/10/12

Now, we all know that the Browns are not the most exciting people on this planet. C'mon, fess up. Unless you are one of those diehard fans still... STILL... tweeting for the date the new season starts, reading a Kody Brown and his Sister Wives tweets can be dangerous, especially if you are driving or operating heavy equipment.

Boring...BORING...B O R I N G

But my job is to scour the internet, so I have traveled to the darkest corners of Facebook and Twitter to bring you...The Best of Kody Brown and Wives. <<Shudder>>
First up, the Kody Brown Facebook Fanpages. I'm gonna try to make this as painless as possible, so I will be giving you a synopsis of what I've read, and maybe a link if you're lucky.

Here's a highlight of what I saw on the The Official Vetted Friends Only and Utterly Sickening Display of Adults Who Fantasize about Sister Wives and Even Want to Be a Sister Wife Someday (yeah, I'm talking about YOU, Jackie!) Brown Family Fanpage.
The Admins (you know, the personal friends of the family) wished everyone a Happy Easter and Passover...then mentioned they had a migraine, a sick child and how hard it was to get on the computer.


Janelle mentioned how wonderful it has been to have Passover and Easter together this year. Amazingly, only one fan wrote a comment in response. Hm........

And I don't see any other wives taking the time to comment on the Friend Facebook page. Strange, isn't it?

Bored, I ventured over to the Like Facebook fanpage.

This fanpage has been changed to the Timeline format. There's this totally obnoxiously HUGE picture of the Brown's book (coming out May 1st - don't forget to pre-order!), and the comments are buried somewhat in the body of the timeline.

One thing however, caught my eagle eye. Kody's favorite restaurant, Michcoancan Gourmet Mexican Restaurant left a comment on 4/9/12. Since only part of the comment was visible, I eagerly clicked on the restaurant's link.

Holy Guacamole, I hit Sisterwives paydirt!  The full comment said:

Sister Wives cast and film crew enjoyed lunch today on our patio. What a nice day...88 degrees with a slight breeze...All we need is the ocean view!

And there was a picture! Now, I'm not going to post the picture here, but I will describe it. Seated outside on a patio, Kody is at the head of the table, with clear shots of Christine and Janelle to Kody's left. The people on his right are obscured by the film crew. Janelle's girth does not look any smaller.

But what is SO surprising, is this comment made presumably by the Restaurant  also on 4/9/12 at 7:38 am (that morning):

Filming at Michoacan Gourmet Mexican Restaurant at 11:30am today!!

With an accompanying link to the TLC Sister Wives website so the reader can quickly discern who was being filmed.

I wonder whose idea THAT was? The restaurant owner? Kody Brown? Delving a little further, I found a comment from the restaurant posted on 3/15/12 with a picture of Meri and Kody:

Many of you have asked when Kody Brown/Sister Wives will be back at the restaurant. He and Meri will be dining with us at 8:30 tonight and said "Sure, put it on Facebook!"

'Nuff said...

Oh yes, a famous Oscar winning actor also had lunch at Michoacan a week ago. He declined having his picture taken, for privacy reasons.

So is the production company still filming for the season coming up? Will this scene even make the show or wind up on the cutting room floor? And who were the other people at the table with Kody? Guess we'll have to wait and see...

Here's a link to the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/MichoacanLV

Okay, it's time for the Twitter Tweets.

Seems Aspyn again is out of town, this time in Idaho for the Easter weekend. Christine's public twitter activity was to RT a tweet from her bonus child, Mariah:

Interesting... is it me or does it seem Sister Wives are hopeless romantics, who either live vicariously through movies, or want to extend their honeymoon experience forever?  Back to movies, let me see, what is my favorite movie kiss? Wow, the only thing that comes to mind is  not a kiss - it's Nicolas Cage eating a cockroach in a  movie he made. Yep, he sure did. Guess I wouldn't make a good Sister Wife.

Oh dear, I wonder if Super Sol <choke> sleeps between Kody and Robyn on a regular basis. Sounds like Robyn kinda melancholy - I wonder if she's PREGGERS? I just had a mental picture of Robyn  lying with Sol in his baby crib. Hey, if Kyle Richards from RHOBH can do it with her daughter, why not Robyn? However, there is absolutely NO comparison between Kyle's hubby Mauricio Urbansky and Kody Brown! Mauricio is much better looking and has a J.O.B!

Moving along quickly, let's check out what Meri's been doing...

I can't imagine willingly swimming for two hours. The only time I would swim that much would be if I had fallen overboard from a cruise ship and had to swim two hours to reach shore...maybe...And let's hope this swim marathon was in an olympic sized pool and not the typical backyard one.

So, Meri swims, Robyn snuggles with her infant son, and Christine rates movie kisses. Is there anything (outside of Meri's and Robyn's lunch together which was most likely filmed) these Sister Wives do together?

So that's all for now. And remember, I Scour the Internet, so you don't have to !


  1. They are soooooooooooooooooo borrring!!! It seems like they just don't care about their little gravy train anymore. Let's see how they feel when we move on and noone's paying attention or paying them. Also there are 5 adults in that family and they are the laziest bunch of people EVER. Come on now, if I was on a reality show and that became my "business" I would certainly not half ass it. I would hussle, hussle, hussle. They suck. It's sad that Janelle who has time and money can't commit to losing some lbs, sad for her daughters as well.

  2. So what's up with Super Truely?

  3. I looked on the web page, and it looks like a decent, but ordinary Mexican restaurant. Why are they making such a big deal out of it?

    1. I looked on the web page, and it looks like a decent, but ordinary Mexican restaurant. Why are they making such a big deal out of it?

      It might be the case of an ordinary restaurant striving to be extraordinary in a competitive market. It looks like they have drank Kody's kool-aid and I wouldn't be surprised if they comp the Kody Krew's meals with the hope of tapping into the Sister Wives fan base for customers.

  4. I totally don't get this family. If TLC were my gravy train, I'd be representing every time anyone turned around. I'd be on every D-list show/Twitter/local news cooking segment that would have me. There are four of them, and they don't seem to work at all.

    1. The Browns don't think like winners. They think like losers. They think money will fall into their hands and don't understand they need to work for it. They let other people do the work.

      When the Vegas gravy train ends, they will revert back to their gypsy grifter roots and move back to their polygamist shack in Lehi, leaving their debts in Vegas.

      We all know there will be another bankruptcy in their future. It's inevitable because they are losers.

  5. Uhh, couldn't agree more.
    KodyWorld personalities and activities elevate *boring and uninteresting* to a whole new stratosphere.

    OMG !!! Do these people have any thoughts of *any* relevance to *anything* at all ?!?!?!
    Seriously, they really do deserve to just fade away....to just become part of that vast wasteland of dumped, failed shows that no one remembers until there is the occasional spoof done about the best and worst lame shows. They are beyond boring.....mind-numbing !!!

    They had a golden opportunity handed to them.....and they surely look as if they have blown it.

    In this case, with the Dargers looming on the horizon, you would think they energetically would up their game to preserve their status on TLC. But I guess if there just isn't any real collective smarts or sustainable appeal in the group.....well, that is just they way it is !!
    Or should it be said.....that just the best this group can do.

    Whatever happen in Vegas, *stays in Vegas*........
    Yes, perhaps they will be the exception to that rule....literally ??

    1. I heard thru the grapevine that the Dargers HAVE BEEN APPROACHED with a reality show offer and they are seriously considering it. Don't know if its USA or Canadian TV.

    2. Is it just me or am i the only one who could really care less about the Dargers having a show? they don't have that train-wreck quality that the Browns do, and Joe is just soooo creepy.

    3. Eh, the Dargers could use a few prairie bonnets. Joe is actually a patriarch, and I find him very off-putting. That's why the trainwreck Browns were so much more fun to watch. It's hard to picture Kody dominating anything, or anyone. So, the whole thing feels more approachable.

      I'm surprised Kody & Co. aren't out hustling for this show. With Romney and their lawsuit and everything, and they're just going to waste this chance???

    4. There's just something about that smug look he has in his pictures, just very unsettling and gross and just WEIRD. You could never call him goofy - that's for sure! Scary, yes.

      And the wives - they oh so look like Stepford Wives. He's got a new article up on the website about Polygamy Sex Relationship...sorry folks but I felt grimy dirty after reading it yesterday, I doubt I can muster the strength to write a review about it. If any of you brave souls want to try, be my guest. Just send it to me in email!

    5. CJ,

      Yes, that stare in his eyes is a bit *psycho* looking.
      Makes you wonder how and what power he wields to have such an obedient, plastic harem??

    6. I always thought I was the only one who thought Joe looked weird!

    7. I agree. Skin crawled a bit. http://lovetimesthree.com/the-mystery-of-sex-in-a-polygamous-relationship/

    8. Bald men always remind me of Benito Mussolini. Joe needs his hair back (real or bought).

  6. I really do think something went off the rails when they sat down to negotiate for this season and TLC is disgusted with them. Its like this season is going to be a half hearted sail off into the sunset.

    Kody and all his arrogance (and his 4 sheep) was too stupid to understand that you have to *work* to keep the realty wave going. I believe he truely thought they were now popular and would just remain so. Good grief! Even the Real Housewives that seem so vapid understand you have to keep *working* at it to remain relevent. They tweet. A lot. They share photos. They facebook. They build websites and drive fans to them. They interact with their fans. Some have even gotten their own seperate side shows. They don't ignore their fans, flippantly admit others are running their accounts on facebook, and only tweet every 5 or 6 days trying to shove some bogus mlm product down everyones throat.

    Bye bye Browns. We'll check in with you in the future when one or more wives are leaving, when you're arrested for DUI, when one of the kids tries to shop a tell all book to support their drug habbit, etc. Sad but true.

  7. All who believe Meri was really swimming during those two hours raise their hands.

    1. HA HA HA Anonymous! I do like Meri and feel such sorrow and compassion for her. Based on what I recall her saying, she only bought into the plig lifestyle to land Kody, whom she was very much in love with. I cannot believe she's had anything good come from that decision. I just see such pain when I look at her eyes.

      I'd love nothing more than to see Meri, Janelle and Christine dump his sorry a$$.

      Still loved your comment. ROFL!!!!

  8. All I see is a room full of people with their hands in their pockets.
    This group is so boring and off track it's a cluster f...k. Their promotions use Sisterwives to market their LIV MLM scheme and gym, and cookware, and maybe odor cures, but in no way to these promotions tie in to Sisterwives. It's all a one way deal. At least the deplorable Kate Gosseling at her height cross-promoted. The sales of the pathetic books helped interest in the show grow. This stuff does nothing for TLC. The dilettantes who "wanna be" a sister way are pathetic. Groupies. Who has any respect for groupies. Not even the Browns. Laughable to all.

    1. I do hope the readers know sister way should be sisterwives. Many other errors as well. Heck, don't blame me, I've got paws instead of hand and fingers. geesh

  9. I think that Janelle would light a fire under Kody and the others to run the publicity machine, but the other three wives won't cooperate. They just aren't smart enough to understand the concept of public relations.

    Christine and Robyn have shown their lower than average IQ in quite a few situations. Stupid people generally have an inability to see shades of gray, refuse to compromise, and want those around them to cater to their wishes without discussion.

    Meri is actually a bit smarter than the others, but she has other issues, such as serious shyness in unfamiliar situations that may make interacting with the public extremely difficult. Years of being told and *shown* she was inadequate have made her natural reticence an almost insurmountable problem. After all, didn't Kody let her know she wasn't woman enough for him? He took on other women to fulfill needs she couldn't meet.

    Now that her daughter is almost grown, I wouldn't be surprised if Meri doesn't find it easier to leave. All those trips out of town tell me she's doing short-term runaways.

    Janelle is not a boat rocker. She does what she needs or wants to do and worries about the consequences later. She knows she can't make enough to live in any sort of comfort until her kids are grown, but I'm betting she'll make the big goodbye as soon as she's tucked away a big enough nest egg to make it happen.

  10. Collectively, the whole Brown adult group seems to have maxed out on whatever style, content and potential TLC thought they could bring to the reality show table. There is nothing more to see from them except more of the same mundane and boring routines and dialogue.

    Collectively they are dismally one-dimensional and short-sighted.
    However, individually, it is even worse. None of the women seem to have *a personality* bright enough to stand out or to inspire the others. They each are bits and pieces of the whole specter of dysfunction.

    And even after several seasons now, Kody remains a man with an adolescent's lens on the world. It is likely that Kody's eldest son may be fast approaching a higher level of more maturity and motivation than his father will ever have.

    What first looked to be just *quirky*....now looks like lazy, willful entitlement.
    Their *uniqueness* has been shown to be just banality.... and a misplaced righteousness, about which the viewers have yet to hear explained coherently or honestly.

    Kody and sistas...the bell is tolling....

  11. The kids provided the only interest in the show that I experienced last season. If it had not have been for them, I really would not have watched. Nothing to see there, nothing of interest with the adults. They should rename the show Pligkids and officially put the emphasis there than on the sisterwives, who are certainly not sisterly as far as I can see.

  12. I think that Robyn has eliminated any charm that the other sisterwives might have had at one time. Put her in front of the camera and she obsessively rehashes and "explains" the simplest statements that any of the others make. She does it in the most idiotic way possible so that even the other sisterwives can barely keep from falling asleep listening to her. It just sucks the life right out of you.

  13. LOL! I noticed that too. How one SW would make a statement and then Robyn would EXPLAIN it in depth from her warped perspective with her ridiculous facial expressions.

    1. Yes it's obnoxious!
      Janelle: so when we moved I stopped working and stayed at home, while I prefer to work.
      Robyn: Back in Utah, Janelle used to work and Christine would take care of her kids, now she spends all day at home.

      Meri: when we moved, I got a large home even though Kody thinks I don't need it cuz I only bred one child of his.
      Robyn: So when we moved Kody thought it would be better if Meri got a smaller and less expensive home because she only has one child

      etc etc

    2. I suppose a total inability to formulate an independent thought could explain her mimicry. The odd facial expressions could just be due to a complete lack of empathy for others and not recognizing how others are reacting to her. Think of how a fish out of water looks when it "gasps for air"...kind of the same thing going on with Robyn, I think

    3. LOL! Well demonstrated Lobotomized! And yeah Anon, fish out of water nails it!

    4. I just had a thought. What if Robyn has a mild form of Asbergers too? That would explain her lack of empathy and inability to read others expressions and reactions.

    5. Interesting Reading ref Aspergers Syndrome:

      "Echolalia is the automatic repetition of vocalizations made by another person....Echolalia can be present in autism and .. Asperger syndrome"


      verbosity is also part of Aspergers

      "Speech may convey a sense of incoherence; the conversational style often includes monologues about topics that bore the listener, fails to provide context for comments, or fails to suppress internal thoughts"


      Looks like it's genetic too.

    6. Interesting...and it makes a lot of sense.
      Having an Aspergers relative to compare to, the flags are certainly there. Robyn does display similar traits.

      And surely if her style was just merely rude or ego-driven, the wives who routinely are the most affected by her ramblings, would have called her on it, wouldn't you think??

      She really does *go off* on tangents and then can't seem to get to a lucid endpoint to wrap them up, so instead she *tears* her way out of the them.

      Oh Meri, you may not have been on the top of your game when you went shopping for number 4....for several reasons. !!!

    7. That's very interesting!! How possible is it that Sol could possibly have aspergers too?? How soon would they be able to detect it??
      Also, what are the odds of the rest of the kids she bears w/ Kody, getting it??

  14. "They should rename the show Pligkids"

    LOL !!~~~ Hey, now that is catchy !!! :))

  15. I found last season to be so dull that I will not watch this year. I paid to download the whole season on iTunes and regretted it shortly thereafter. I agree the kids are the most interesting, but I hate to see them exploited on national TV while subjected to bad parenting. Not really my cup of tea for entertainment. This year, I'll satisfy my curiosity by watching the free TLC clips and reading this blog.

    I did finally satisfy my guacamole craving caused by Kody's Mexican food tweets ... One avocado, half of a tomato chopped, several cloves of freshly pressed garlic, a big spoonful of sour cream, and a bunch of salt ... Served with falafel chips (comes in a bag like potato chips) - yum! Maybe SW could become a cooking show with the SW partnering with local celeb chefs to show us their fav recipes ... They could compete to see which dish gets Kody's attention. That I might watch.

    1. I've totally been craving Mexican food since all this business with the Brown's and that restaurant...well I guess facebook marketing works!lol I LOVE avocado dip!!

  16. Anonymous @11:37 said:

    Stupid people generally have an inability to see shades of gray, refuse to compromise, and want those around them to cater to their wishes without discussion.

    This is the best explanation of my in-laws that I have ever read!!!

  17. Y-A-W-N!!!! ...lol Totally agree that the Browns have lost their "appeal"!! They're really not trying to do much to keep media afloat either...Im guessing as May 1st(release of their book) & May 13th approaches, they will ALL be busy on FB & tweeting away to generate $ales & public interest!! But, like some have pointed out, if it requires hard work on their part & it's not just a given, then most likely they won't do too much!! I'm sure they've blown thru most of their TLC$$ by now, w/ all the traveling they do & all their 'on a whim' financial investments they've made, ESP on LIV Products!!! Hope they put some away, for the rainy days headed their way!!...lol

  18. Happy Birthday, Truely.

    Was scanning twitter and found Christine's tweet about how she is two today and loves balloons. Surprisingly no tweets from anyone else - just how they like hats and DWTS Live. Wonder what that was all about?

    1. It's sad when a baby's own father doesn't even acknowledge her birthday...I just checked twitter and still no mentions of Truely's birthday.

      I feel for Christine and Truely. What kind of freaks are these people?

    2. Yes, very sad indeed!! Bc when it was Daytons(Robyns son) bday, they tweeted & Of course Kody retweeted Robyn about being out w/ Dayton celebrating. Actually Kody was there w/ them as well...smh!!
      We all know when Sol, turns 1, Robyn & Kody will be tweeting away about how big, blah, blah, blah!!!
      IMO, the recent Twitter & FB hiatus, speaks volumes about their family dynamics, etc....seems like trouble has been brewing & stewing for quite sometime now!!

    3. I hope DWTS Live doesn't mean they are in the audience for some reason. Surely one of them wouldn't consider being on the show next season. No, say it isn't so....

  19. They are on the cover page of Radaronline and Christine looks as big as Janelle. So sad.

    1. Yep, I checked out the photo opp too, & Christine does look as big as Janelle...Yikes!! Maybe she's preggers or still on meds bc those will definitely make u blow up. Even Kody is packing on pounds!! Hell w/ all those LIV Products they're peddling, I expected them to be slimming down by now!!
      Anyhow, I betcha this pic just irked Robyns nerves & shes prolly feeling left out!! Wonder if she's pregnant & tryna "hide" it, til they officially announce it on TLC??

  20. Happy Birthday Truley! WE love you!

  21. Yes, Happy Birthday Truley.

    Looking at ROL article it indicates they visited the DWTS live show in Vegas. Some of the dancers formed a troupe performing there. Carson announces & dances some, I hear.